Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quiz 1

       1.      Construct the network of diagram

2.      Find the critical path from the diagram.
                The critical path is = A + BC + DF + G
                                                 = 9 days

Monday, July 19, 2010

Indoor Stadium in Terengganu Sports Complex

Client : Government Terengganu
Cost : 116 million
Client/Owner :       Terengganu State Government
                             Architecture Firm
                             Senibahri Arkitek
                             Principal Architect
                             Ar. Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah
                             Project Architect
                             Badrul Hisham
Main Contractor: Ahmad Zaki Sdn Bhd
Mechanical & Electrical Engineers : Samudra Consult
Civil & Structural Engineers :Indoor stadium: MECIP (M) Sdn Bhd
Area : 3,119 m²
Completion : 2008
Project Description : Propose construction and completion of Indoor Stadium in Terengganu Sports Complex 

Adjacent to the main stadium, the indoor stadium overlooks a man made lake on the western side. It is specially designed as a weather-proof indoor arena in line with international sporting bodies’ specifications and requirements. The center court is paved with the latest in durable synthetic sports flooring materials.
Supporting facilities include two small auditoriums, with seating capacities of 250 and 350, seminar rooms and a banquet hall on the ground floor; the main arena and circular exhibition hall are located along the perimeter (corridor) of the first floor.
The design takes the pure shape of a circle as the basis for the layout. This concept offers an unobstructed view from any angle at all seating levels. The building has a geometrical domed roof with externally slanting walls similar to the dome of a mosque. Traditional Malay and Islamic references are highlighted in a dual-layer star-shaped roof and a “pending” (a Malay buckle) on the highest center tip of the main roof. Exit stairways will be patterned after a series of minarets, also referencing mosque architecture.
Composite metal tiles and sheet cladding chosen for their hard-wearing, weather-resistant coatings and their slick and shiny high-tech feel are used for the dome and wall covering, respectively. Tinted full-height glass walls wrap around the corridor perimeter of the exhibition hall and offer a sweeping panoramic view to the outside (the Ceremonial Plaza to the north, the main stadium to the east, the lake and the landscape to the south and the west).
On a bright and sunny day, the glass allows in a full measure of natural daylight, highly suitable for painting and arts exhibitions. Fixed overhead composite sunscreen louvers extending out from the upper eaves allow for passive light control.
The master plan of the entire complex is guided by the ambition to attract sportsrelated tourism. Aside from its sports functionality, the development also seeks to centralise some of Terengganu’s tourism assets. For example, the many handicraft exhibition stalls scattered all over the state could come together for a combined large scale showing.
The site is located about eight kilometres from the state capital’s downtown on a generally flat site surrounded by low-rise residential developments. The site was formerly a low-lying semi-swamp area with naturally formed water bodies.

Link : http://www.futurarc.com/previous_edition/terengganu.cfm#

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Projek Mega Di Putrajaya..

putrajaya waterfront development2 Projek Mega di Putrajaya

malaysiaonionthingies Projek Mega di Putrajaya

Nampaknya Malaysia sedang merancang membina satu lagi projek mega. Satu kawasan pembangunan
perumahan dirancang di “Putrajaya Waterfront” yang dikenali Precinct 4, kira-kira 30km daripada
Kuala Lumpur. Konsep Designnya lebih kepada senibina tradisional islam + hidupan laut.
putrajaya waterfront development4 Projek Mega di Putrajaya
Design ini direka oleh Studio Nicoletti Associati

dan Arkitek Malaysia, Hijjas Kasturi Associates
(yang menyediakan pelan induk Putrajaya).

Matlamat projek ni ialah model kepada design projek perumahan dan juga bandar yang mempunyai lanskap tersendiri dengan tasik buatan manusia yang luas. Matlamat arkitek tersebut ialah untuk merekacipta design bangunan “yang menunjukkan budaya moden, islam, dan kehijauan alam semulajadi”.Apa yang baiknya, bangunan ni menggunakan sumber tenaga alternatif, dan dijangka dapat mengurangkan penyebaran karbon dioksida diudara sebanyak 50% berbanding dengan projek perumahan lain..

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putrajaya waterfront development3 Projek Mega di Putrajaya